Why use a laser rescue flare?

A rescue laser flare should be part of your standard safety kit, according to SOS Marine. Not only is it a critical survival device for rescue, it is also useful for locating retro-reflective items such as buoys or man overboard’s with retro-reflective material. 

The SOS Marine Rescue Laser Flare projects an expanding fan of light that can be seen miles away and used for hours to signal help, dramatically increasing the odds of survival. They are non-hazardous and battery operated lasting 2400 times longer than pyrotechnic flares, which are short-lived and dangerous to handle.

Unlike simple laser pointers, which project a single dot of light, the Rescue Laser Flare produces a line of light that increases in length moving away from the flare. They are an effective visual distress signal. SOS Marine supply small red units to attach as personal flares to PFDs; plus a longer-range green flare for the helm or within the safety kit.

The Rescue Laser Flare does not generate heat, it is portable and completely safe to use in flammable environments. Its life is virtually unlimited, the laser diodes for the red light are rated for 10,000 hours; the green for 5,000 hours. The lasers are compact at 80 millimetres long and 20mm in diameter, weighing about 100 grams: small enough to carry in your pocket or put on your lifejacket. Waterproof to 25 metres and can be seen up to 32 kilometres away at night and five kilometres in daylight.

The red Magnum uses two common AA alkaline batteries for 72 hours of continuous use, while the green Rescue Laser Flare has a single CR123 lithium battery good for five hours.


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