Westabout round-the-world record attempt: Sailors run aground

Two skippers attempting an around the world record attempt against the prevailing winds and currents have run aground in the Patagonian channels, South America, having taken shelter from a storm after rounding Cape Horn.

Romain Pilliard and Alex Pella are attempting to break the ‘world’s toughest sailing record’, a non-stop circumnavigation from east to west, in the trimaran Use It Again! The 75ft Nigel Irens design was originally Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q.

The team’s social media channels reported that at 0500 GMT (0100am local) Wednesday morning, the trimaran ran aground in Cook Bay. The report continues: ‘The skippers are not injured, they have put on their survival suits and are safe. The trimaran is immobilised on the rocks but [is not floating] at the moment.”

Later this morning Pilliard gave his update on the incident: “It was 1 am local time when a loud noise woke me up. The boat came to a stop. I immediately understood…

“Alex was on watch, and it was my turn to rest. After more than a month at sea, fatigue has accumulated and Alex has settled inside and fell asleep. This is an actual nightmare! I don’t really have the words. I am devastated.”

By Helen Fretter

For the full story, see: https://www.yachtingworld.com/all-latest-posts/westabout-round-the-world-record-attempts-on-rocks-off-cape-horn-136739

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