WEST SYSTEM 207 is the secret to clear coating

This winter, tap into the products the professionals trust to refinish timber finishes for a glossy, UV-resistant coating in time for next season.

Ultra clear 207 Special Clear Hardener was specifically developed for coating and fibreglass cloth application where the aim is an exceptionally clear, moisture resistant, clear carbon fibre or natural wood finish. 

Used worldwide by professional boatbuilders and a favourite with wooden boat enthusiasts, 207 is easy to use, has excellent fibreglass wet-out characteristics and strong physical properties when modified with WEST SYSTEM 413 Microfibre Blend for structural bonding applications.

Available in 660ml, 1.33L, 6.7L and 26.7L packs, WEST SYSTEM 105 resin and 207 Special Clear hardener and the relevant 303 Dispensing Pumps, can be purchased from WEST SYSTEM Dealers throughout Australia.

WEST SYSTEM 207 Special Clear Hardener will be a feature product at the 2021 Australian Wooden Boat Festival (5-8 February 2021) on the ATL Composites Stand, and will be showcased on the clear timber finishes of the Franklin 29, currently under construction at The Wooden Boat Centre as part of their shipwright training program, and which will take pride of place at the Festival. 

For more detail you can view the full article in Epoxyworks #49

Contact ATL Composites on info@atlcomposites.com for a FREE copy of the WEST SYSTEM User Manual.

More at www.westsystem.com.au and www.atlcomposites.com

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