Welsh sailor seeks sponsors for solo yacht race

A Welsh sailor from Ceredigion (located on the western coast of Wales) is preparing for a round the world yacht race after reading about it online and thinking “I have to do this”.

Dafydd Hughes, of Talybont, is taking on the Global Solo Challenge, a single-handed without assistance around-the-world competitive sailing event.

An experienced sailor having already raced around the world as part of a crew, the 60-year-old admits this will be a “whole new challenge and what’s not to love about that”.

The Global Solo Challenge, which will have a rolling series of starts over eight weeks between September and October 2023, is perhaps best viewed in the organiser’s terms as a “fantastic personal adventure” for those who really want to achieve the feat of a circumnavigation without stopping and with the comfort of some safety in numbers.

To read the full story, see: https://www.aberystwyth-today.co.uk/article.cfm?id=136717&headline=Dafydd%20seeks%20sponsors%20for%20solo%20round%20the%20world%20yacht%20race%20challenge&sectionIs=sport&searchyear=2021

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