Watch the Cruising Helmsman Masterclass at Sydney International Boat Show

The Speakers are in.

The time is set: 2:30 every day.

Now all we need is you.

The Sydney International Boat Show has provided Cruising Helmsman magazine an opportunity to present a truncated version of its 'Captain's Deck' seminars held around Australia last year. Every day of the show, four presenters will give you an insight into how you get geared up, set up your boat (or charter a yacht) and head out over the horizon.

Each day at 2:30pm on the SIBS stage we will give you short information-rich presentations on how to get out there. Highlight of the hour will be Andrew Bray. If anyone can show you how to set up your yacht for long-distance cruising, it is 'Aussie' Bray.

Andrew has amateur built four yachts and cruised extensively in them, including a world circumnavigation. For over 30 years he's combined practical experience and an engineering background to contribute to numerous Australian and overseas magazines.

Bring along pen and paper because Aussie's presentation is punchy, fast and informative. He will provide you with the essentials in setting up your boat to prepare it for heading offshore. A presentation not to be missed.

Following this will be David Oliver from Musto sailing gear. But this is no fashion parade. Oliver's presentation will discuss the technical side of sailing gear: how it works, what you need to stay dry and warm and how to look after it.

Next will be Graham Raspass from SailTime, a company that offers the clever yachtie an alternative to ownership. By joining SailTime an average sailor can travel the world and hop onboard a yacht in any cruising playground. This opens the cruising world to everyone. Expect to see some fantastic photography to prove it.

Last but not least will be Jeremy Wyatt from the World Cruising Club. A unique perspective on cruising Jeremy will discuss the possiblity of buying a boat in Europe and sailing it back to Australia. Preferably via one of the many cruising rallies the WCC organise.

Best of all, the Cruising Helmsman Masterclass is free. Just turn up to the SIBS stage at 2:30 (don't forget pen and paper) and be prepared to be inspired.

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