Watch out! Turtles about

Cruising Helmsman contributor Rosemary Jilderts would like to pass on the latest warning from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Summer turtle breeding season is coming the GBRMPA says and with marine turtle numbers rapidly declining we must be careful around them.

Never feed or touch turtles, hatchlings or eggs and watch for surfacing turtles.

If watching them laying, keep torches dull. Bright lights confuse them. Only use flash photography during the egg-laying phase.

Don’t shine torches on a nesting animal. Direct it onto sand nearby.

Keep your distance where they can’t see you.

Never assist hatchlings or interfere in natural events, e.g. attacks by seabirds. No bright lights as they may not make it to the sea, so keep boat lights dim too.

Don’t shine torches on the water as it may confuse the hatchlings to return to shore.

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