Victorian government hits interstate boaters with stupid gas regulations

When is this country going to grow up and have one set of registration and one set of regulations for all states? Boats, by their very nature, move around a lot. And every time they cross into another regulatory environment they incur more costs and bureaucratic nonsense. This is the latest rubbish foisted on the boating community:

Dear Roger,

Did you know that the impact of “energysafe VICTORIA’s” recent letter (26th May 2014) on boat gas system compliance has far reaching effects and may bite some where they least expect it. My yacht came from Queensland with a Gas System Compliance Certificate that is now not recognised in Victoria and if I want insurance (have to as its moored in a marina) I have to now get it inspected and in the presence of a Victorian ESV Inspector to get a Victorian compliance plate.

The cost implications of this move by ESV on the Victorian boating fraternity (not to mention the Govt) must be significant. Surely there may be some below standard systems in boats out there in Victoria which this is obviously meant to address but it’s blanket coverage for all vessels with valid other State certificates will be very onerous for some.

When I asked ESV why the interstate certificate was not recognised an official said it was not to high enough standard, yet it is to the same AS5601 and says so and when pointed out the same remark was said about their (QLD) standards generally whatever that means! It is a fact that QLD had compliance certificate requirements for boats quite a few years before this move in Victoria so it makes one wonder as to the state of mind on this of some officials in the ESV.

I think the boating fraternity should get together on this and make some sort of protest.


Victor Bibby

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