WASZP – Rankings Battle heats-up

High Stakes and Intense Battle Mark the Road to the International WASZP Games

In an adrenaline-fueled season of sailing, the WASZP rankings have witnessed an epic showdown between the titans of the class, setting the stage for a gripping finale at the International WASZP Games in Sorrento, Australia.

Hippolyte Gruet and Markus Berthet have been locked in a relentless tug-of-war for the top spot, exchanging the rankings lead multiple times throughout the year. Berthet’s triumphant first-place finish at the Norwegian WASZP Cup in September briefly placed him at the top, only to be challenged by Gruet’s commanding third-place victory at the first Barcelona Winter Series event, hosted at the prestigious home of the 37th Americas Cup.

The first of 2x warm-up events prior to the International WASZP Games in Melbourne Australia commences this weekend with Sail Melbourne hosted by Sorrento Sailing & Couta Boat Club, while it is followed by the Australian Nationals on the 7th of December and the Games commencing on the 10th of December. Plenty of opportunities to grab rankings points as we close out the 2023 season. 


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