Want to make sailing your life? Seabbaticals may just show you how.

Whenever you go sailing, it is a delight.

But what if there was a way you could make your living from it?

Seabbaticals have been touring Australia with its unique crew of presenters showing attendees the different ways it is possible to earn your living from sailing. Now it is Queensland's turn with its next presentation at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron on June 24.

Learn how the Margett's family and dozens of other savvy boat owners have funded their dream boat (sometimes more than one)  through the booming charter boat industry and accelerated their cruising adventures. Syndicate yacht ownership models are also presented as an alternative stepping stone into boat ownership. 

At the Conference you will learn: 

  • How to make boat ownership affordable 
  • Expected charter financial returns 
  • How charter companies operate 
  • Boat layout and compliance considerations 
  • What finance is available and what it costs
  • Accounting structure and taxation 
  • Syndication models available 

There will also be a selection of yachts for you to step on board and try out.

The keynote speakers cover all aspects of charter boat ownership including: 

  • Craig and Kerry Margetts – Boat Owners
  • Sharon McNally – Charter Operator
  • Mark O'Donoghue – Finance
  • Chris Chapman – Accounting
  • Brent Vaughan – Boat compliance
  • Anton Prange – Syndication 

Why a charter boat? 6 simple reasons: 

  1. Accelerate boat ownership and make a start
  2. Strong ROI due to high demand / low supply
  3. Your boat becomes a business with possible tax benefits
  4. Min 1 month use of your boat in paradise
  5. Charter income pays for boat expenses 
  6. Fully managed concierge service 

Why syndicate? 3 Simple Reasons 

  1. Share boat ownership costs
  2. Fully managed concierge service 
  3. Locally located boat 

To be held on Saturday the 24th of June at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Manly Brisbane.

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