Want to buy a boat? First buy August Cruising Helmsman

This month's issue of Cruising Helmsman is all about using boat shows to help you buy a boat.

We have published for you a checklist to use and fill out for every boat you look at when visiting this month's Sydney International Boat Show. The idea being, once you are back home and away from those tempting craft, you can relax with a refreshing drink and compare apples with apples by combining your checklist.

There is a boat load of information in all the practical articles this month. Not only the definitive new boat checklist but also a look at what you should do before you even get to the boat show, i.e. what to look out for in a proper cruising design for safety and comfort: in hull shape, on deck  and down below. There is also a humorous, but informative look when thinking of buying secondhand.

We carry on with the safety theme with articles on fire, poisonous chemicals, emergency grab bags and wave forecasting.

Our feature article takes us deep into the frozen wilds of the Patagonian waterways and, closer to home, the Gippsland Lakes in a keel boat.

Our boat test this month is the Beneteau Oceanis 35.

Enjoy the trip and enjoy the Sydney International Boat Show – see you there.

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