Walker Bay AirDock


The AirDock is a new inflatable dock that is designed to be rigid and stable for many water activities. Its compact and portable design makes it ideal for boaters, campers and cabin owners. The company's AirWeb proprietary design is formed from a heavy-duty seven-layer polymer coated fabric that is joined inside by thousands of drop-stitch fibres, much like an elaborate web, making it possible to inflate to more than 6.5 PSI or 0.45 bar. This creates a rigid platform that is strong enough to endure several adults, kids and even the family dog. Underneath the deck, there are four ballast bags to trap water and prevent the AirDock from slipping on the water?s surface.

Weighing 22kg and measuring 90 x 50 x 32cm (deflated) in its own custom carry bag, the AirDock is easy to pack away. It comes with a high-pressure hand pump for quick inflation.

RRP: $1,999

Available from Walker Bay dealers. www.walkerbay.com.

Classic Lewmar
Lewmar's latest 111 Classic Winch gives the impression of traditional bronze styling that belies its high tech design which is machined from stainless steel and features the very latest three or four-speed options.

Coated with hardwearing Titanium Nitride, Lewmar's new Classic winch has a realistic bronze colour. Unlike original one or two-speed classic bronze winches, the integral gear technology of Lewmar's new Classic Winch can be driven manually, electrically or hydraulically.

Lewmar tested the original Titanium Nitride coating technology on the J-Class Shamrock V in 2000

For more information: www.lewmar.com.au

Seabreeze toilets
Gold Coast-based marine distributor Seabreeze Industries has added several new products to its range of marine air-conditioning, refrigeration and sanitation products.
The first comes from the industry leaders in marine air-conditioning, Cruisair. The Stowaway Turbo, which was recently announced as the Innovation Award Winner at the international IBEX Marine Tradeshow, is an optimised design, as a result of requests from customers for more capacity, lower amperage draw in a smaller and lighter unit. The new unit boasts a 21 per cent increase in capacity, 27 per cent reduction in amperage draw and a 17 per cent reduction in unit height. A built-in cushion system and moulded compressor sound shield maximises noise containment.
The second and third are from Sealand – the 8800 Master Flush Macerator Designer Series and the 4800 Vacuflush Designer Series.
The 8800 Master Flush Macerator Designer Series is the market leader in turbine-cutting toilets. The key enhancements include lower amperage draw, and reduced flush level, reducing water consumption. The unique water trap eliminates all odour and the system is easy to retro-fit.
The 4800 Vacuflush Designer Series features a design that ensures odourless operation, industry-leading water usage (approx 400ml per flush) and low amperage draw. The Vacuflush series also boasts limited moving parts, meaning reduced noise levels, limited maintenance and super-reliability.
The Cruisair Stowaway Turbo is priced from $1999, Sealand Vacuflush Complete Sealand Vacuum toilet kits from $1999 and Sealand electric macerator toilet from $1299.

For more information: www.seabreeze-industries.com.au

Ready-to-use jacklines
Wichard is launching Lyf'Safe, the first set of ready-to-use jacklines.
Lyf'Safe makes movements and operations on board more secure by providing sailors with new functions. Lyf'Safe can be tailored to the length of the boat (with settings using the adjuster), can be fitted on padeyes, pulpit foot, cleats, is reflective, resistant (thanks to its two anti-abrasion sides). Three models are available: 8.5m, 11m and 14m.
System components include one end with a loop and one free end, one reflective strip to identify the jackline when sailing at night and two anti-abrasion sides.

For more information: www. wichard.com.au. Tel (02) 9516 0677.

Safety knives
The blunt-tipped knife is a rescue knife with a convex serrated powder-coated exterior, with a shackle key incorporated into the centre of the blade. It comes in a simple ratchet in-and-out sheath with a drain hole and is easy to fit to the vang or mast of any sailing boat. The hook-tipped version of the Racing Knife is designed specifically for cutting away netting or fine mesh. This version is ideal for all catamarans, large and small.
Both knives have high visibility yellow blades.

For more information: www.rfd.com.au

Shallow scuba
The award-winning Mini B Shallow Water Scuba Systems are designed for use at or just below the waterline around a vessel for recreational and commercial applications. With its compact size similar to a standard rucksack, the Mini B systems are easy to stow, quick to use straight from a locker and ideal for an emergency. All models of the Mini B are CE approved to EN 1809, incorporate a buoyancy control device and weight pouches, as well as a regulator and an air contents gauge.
The Mini B C-Pro comes in three sizes of air cylinder, 5 litre, 10 litre and 12 litre.

For more information: www.rfd.com.au

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