Raymarine launches new HD Digital Radomes

High Definition Digital radar is now available as a compact full colour radome system

Radar target detection has undergone massive evolutionary changes in the last year, thanks to the introduction of High Definition Digital technology. Now the superior benefits of these new systems are available to even more boaters, with the launch of Raymarine's new HD Digital radomes.

Compact domes are the most popular radar transmitters for the majority of power and sail boats throughout the world, and now these boat owners can benefit from the latest radar technology with Raymarine's new 18″ and 24″ HD Digital Radomes.

These high power 4kW transmitters are designed to provide superior target detection and resolution. Whereas other systems often merge rain and targets, the HD Digital radome system has the capability of distinguishing targets even in heavy rain clutter. HD Digital radomes also come with bird mode to help fishermen detect fish shoals by tracking sea bird movements, and high speed radar scanning (automatic 48rpm mode) for optimal tracking of fast moving targets at short ranges.

With RF exposures, even when operated at maximum radar power density, still significantly less than the energy transmitted from a mobile phone, the new HD Digital Radomes can be safely mounted in most locations on board a vessel, bearing in mind that all radar works on line of sight principles. The pulse modulated HD Digital radar uses its inherent power to ‘punch through' clutter such as heavy rain, spray and snowy weather, to ensure that a powerful signal hits the target to return clearly identifiable individual images such as boats, moorings and jetties.

Raymarine's HD Digital technology works by using the state-of-the-art 8 pulse width transmitter. This technology optimizes the radar's ability to detect targets at very close proximity to the vessel or at very long ranges to see distant vessels, land features, or even weather fronts.

Using true ‘front end' digital technology, the new 8-bit HD Digital radomes produce target clarity which is unprecedented in traditional radome radars, and is also easier to use and understand.

With its unique method of processing two distinct ranges of data, Raymarine's HD Digital 8-bit dual scanner interleaves long and short range spokes on each scan, effectively giving users two separate and independently controlled radars in one unit. The fact that this process happens within one sweep means operators can see and control both long-range and short-range displays at the same time secure in the knowledge that signal returns are fast and accurate giving extra clarity to target detection and display.

There is no requirement for users to manually adjust the radar to get the best picture, as this is all processed automatically by the digital signal. The sharp, clear and lifelike images shown on the screen are comprehensible even to inexperienced boaters, whether targets are miles away or close by.

A key feature from HD Digital is the five multi-level colour target display facility. This means that targets with different echo return strengths – such as a vessel in front of a rocky island, or rain over vessels or navigational buoys – are shown on the display in different colours, so for example it is possible to see navigational buoys, vessels and weather systems all at once and with great clarity. Fully SeaTalk network compatible, the high resolution and clarity of the new HD Digital radomes is particularly impressive on Raymarine's new ultra bright sunlight viewable E Series Widescreen and G Series monitors.

For more information call 02 9479 4800 or visit www.raymarine.com.au

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