Walk on through electric avenue with Elan

Sailing was never about motoring, never about engine speed: it is about connection to nature, the serenity of the sea and the challenge. So why not get rid of the dirty and loud diesel engine and simply exchange it for clean and quiet electric propulsion?

Motor out of the marina or bay in silence, and then use the sun, wind and waves to continue your journey. That is why Elan Yachts and Oceanvolt, both in Finnish ownership, decided to partner up and create a full range of electric-powered yachts: from the luxurious GT6 to the practical Impression yachts and the sporty E-Line of performance cruisers.

Oceanvolt became Elan Yachts’ exclusive electric power provider, after several successful pioneering projects.

Since you will spend most of your time sailing, you need a yacht that performs well and is easy to sail. A good, reliable sail plan and rig, like the one on Elan yachts, will give you enough options to substitute the practicality of a diesel engine. Elan’s high-end electronics are designed to keep consumption low, which is crucial because you will need to bear in mind cooking, refrigeration, water and cabin heating and entertainment, as well as the availability of ports/marinas with good electrical infrastructure.

Of course, there are fossil fuel solutions for all these challenges so the Elan and Oceanvolt partnership also offers a hybrid option with a 48 volt DC generator, which is practical for emergency redundancy situations.

Full electric yacht propulsion means a zero-operating-emissions yacht: no noise, no exhaust, no smell and no environmental restrictions. It enables sailing without the use of fossil fuels. It is meant for people who want to utilise the instant power output benefits of electricity in emergency situations; plus no engine rev. settling, no pre-start waiting and low maintenance costs.

To use the wind and the sun to re-charge. All of these are actual benefits of electric propulsion, but what are the downsides?

For committed sailors, there are not many. The operating range of high-end electric propulsion systems like the one from Oceanvolt is from 25 to 70 miles at five knots, with more depending on the battery pack options and power generation. This is more than enough to get you in and out of marinas and bays and still have plenty left over to get you out of a bind.

The rest, you sail. Since Elan yachts are fast, if the winds are fair and you achieve 5kn or more, Oceanvolt’s hydrogeneration kicks in and generates power to recharge the battery bank. The cost of that is a speed reduction of less than 0.5kn. If you can go even faster, the power generation increases exponentially.

By being an early adopter you are supporting an industry in the development of more accessible and efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. This is why Elan decided to partner with Oceanvolt and to offer a full range of yachts for all types of sailing, be it enthusiast racer, gentleman sailor or cruiser circumnavigating the globe. There is a dedicated design for every style.

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