Volvo winner orders an S40

Torben Grael has just announced he is buying his very own S40 One Design. He has
become a great fan of the new class since sailing with the ‘Mitsubishi' crew last July.

Speaking at this year's Rolex Ilhabela Sailing Week Torben said, “…it was great sailing. It is a
modern boat, very fast with different components that give it great speed. This is certainly a
40-footer that races well and is very fun to sail.”

The S40 has taken off in South America where the fleet is currently racing at Punta del
Este in Uruguay. The class, designed by Javier Soto Acebal, is being described as the
‘hottest thing on the racing scene' by US sailing press.

Local importer Longitude Yachts is delighted that Torben has selected the S40 believing
that his decision confirms their trust in the design as the ‘next big thing' in keelboat racing.
“What's not to like? The S40 is fast, affordable, has a huge cockpit and simply the most fun
you can have under $400,000″, says Longitude Yachts Tim Newton.

Torben Grael has been sailing on S40 ‘Mitsubishi' as tactician and decided it was time to
get his own boat. Torben's S40 will be hull number 8 and follows number 7 which will be the first into Australia, arriving next April.

More information:
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