Transat fleet gets a warm welcome as they arrive in Plymouth

The public was out in force today as Plymouth locals and visitors soaked up the sun and entertainment programme laid on as part of The Transat bakerly festivities.

All along Plymouth waterfront to the end of the Barbican, the crowds were out to enjoy the sounds of the Ocean City Jazz n Blues festival, marvel at The Transat bakerly fleet and get involved with the interactive stands in the Race Village.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, National Marine Aquarium and the bakerly baguette shop have all proved to be a big hit with visitors to the waterfront.

Class40 skipper Edouard Golbery and his crew working aboard ‘Région Normandie’, went along to the Trust stand today to take part in their game, GET YOUR KIT ON.

A race to pile on a full set of offshore sailing gear – HPX trousers and coat, scarf, a hat, gloves and boots – Golbery set a new record of 35 seconds!

“It was really fun to get involved with The Trust today,” Golbery explained. “It’s great for charities to get involved with sport, and especially a charity that helps children overcome illness through sailing.

“It’s been really cool to be in Plymouth, everyone is so excited to see us here.”

In a kind gesture, The Transat title sponsor bakerly has offered to donate all proceeds from the bakerly baguette shop to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust – Official UK charity of The Transat bakerly.

Today The Transat bakerly skippers were presented to the city, one by one taking to the stage to thank the city and explain their ambitions for the race.

Also representing the Class40 skippers, Thibaut-Vauchel Camus was asked about his stay so far in Plymouth, “The people of Plymouth have been very warm and friendly…and we love your fish and chips!”

When asked about the challenge of the race, world class ocean racer François Gabart replied “Well, the boat is 100ft and I am not – the race is going to be hard!”

With the sun out, the Race Village bustling and a great atmosphere here in the city, The Transat bakerly skippers are in high spirits. However, the skippers will spend just two more days in Plymouth ahead of the 3,050nm race to New York starting Monday 2nd May at 14.30pm.

This weekend the entertainment continues with the Ocean City Jazz and Blues festival, a 10 to 15 minute firework display over the waterfront and a daredevil air display taking place at 14.00pm on Sunday 1st May.

The 14th edition of The Transat bakerly will start from Plymouth on Monday, the boats starting to leave the pontoons through the lock at Sutton Harbour and from Plymouth Yacht Haven between 10.30pm and 12.30pm.

– Race Media

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