The size of gigantic sea creatures may have been over-estimated, study says

The Utah People's Post. By John Wilson.

A new scientific paper reveals that most giant creatures lurking in the world’s oceans may have never been accurately measured by past research. The new paper also provides a set of more up-to-date estimates on the sizes of 25 oceanic giants.

Craig McClain, marine biologist and blogger, was the one who came up with the idea for the study. He said that previous size-estimates of gigantic marine creatures disappointed him. So, he wanted to conduct a fresh study and tell the world that it was wrong in a less arrogant scientific tone.

Mr. McClain’s paper, called Sizing Ocean Giants, tries to provide a relevant answer to the question of how big the biggest animals in the ocean really get.

Read more, including the size of giant squids and the massive walrus here.

JPK August 2023
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