Team NZ silence wastes PR gold

We have all done things in our past we don't like to be reminded of, but surely winning the America's Cup is not one of them.

Last week we all basked in the memories of one of the country's greatest sporting achievements as Team New Zealand marked 20 years since their famous victory in 1995. All, except for Team NZ it seemed.

The lack of fanfare from them on the anniversary of the syndicate's most celebrated moments is baffling. Yes, for organisations to remain contemporary it's important to move on, look forward and all that jazz, but this was a PR gift horse that Grant Dalton and company stared in the mouth. What an opportunity wasted.

On the morning of May 14, the syndicate should have opened the doors of their Viaduct compound, which 20 years earlier was the site of wild celebrations as they first lifted the America's Cup.

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