Team Killian wins 2017 Governor's Cup

No match report has yet been received but the results of the 2017 Governor's Cup are in, with early leader Harry Price (AUS) finishing fourth.


1st ‐ Christophe Killian, Harrison Vandervort, Jack Martin
Balboa Yacht Club

2nd – Leonard Takahashi, Ibuki Kolzuni, Josh Wijohn
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

3rd – Chris Weis, Roberto Stevens, Dylan Finestone
Del Rey Yacht Club

4th – Harry Price, Angus Williams, Cameron Seagreen
Cruising Yacht Club of Austrailia

5th – Will Boulden, Mark Spearman, Damian Garbowski
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

6th – Clare Costanzo, Jessica Angus, Emma May, Hannah Lanz
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

7th – David Wood, Max Brennan, Catherine Reynolds
Balboa Yacht Club

8th – George Anyon, Matthew Hughes, Taylor Balogh

9th – James Pinder, George Hopes, Jemima Lawson, Jamie Webb
Cambridge University Cruising Club

10th – Matt Whitfield, Sophie Heritage, Ellie Meopham
Wessex Sailing Club

11th – Greiner Hobbs, Colton Carnevale, Noah Barrengos
Davis Island Yacht Club

12th – Charlie Welsh, John Horton, Robert Garrett
Newport Harbor Yacht Club

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