Tasmania’s Maritime Trail wrap up

The Maritime Trail 2022 was held for the second time by the Australian Wooden Boat Festival Inc.

The trail included tours of several stunning boatyards across Southern Tasmania, as well as nautical and maritime themed workshops in these beautiful boatyards. On water activities were on offer and there was something for everyone.

Person shaving wood from a miniature looking boat.
Events were aplenty. Pic – AWBF

The AWBF initiated the event to cater to covid restrictions, allowing punters to celebrate the wooden boat community and culture within Tasmania. Wooden boats were and still are a common sight in Tasmania, an island surrounded by water. Sharing the knowledge surrounding the wooden boat craft is a big feature for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

The AWBF Inc crew want to thank all operators and hosts, for opening their doors and sharing their passion with the punters. AWBF also want to thank their dedicated wooden boat loving volunteers and staff, for all of their hard work in producing such a successful event.

Fair winds and smooth sailing!

By the AWBF

Barton Skydock
M.O.S.S Australia
Nav at Home
Lagoon 51
M.O.S.S Australia
Sun Odyssey 380
Lagoon 51