Support the ILCA Ukrainian team

A message from Jean-Luc Michon, EurILCA Chairman:

The Executive Committee of EurILCA (European Region of ILCA) has launched a crowdfunding page to support the 18 ILCA sailors from the ILCA Ukrainian team and their coaches.

Those 18 Ukrainian sailors were outside of Ukraine, training or racing, when the war started. They can’t go back home as most of them are from Kiev or Odessa. They are looking desperately for help and support in order to keep sailing and competing.

EurILCA is the organisation in Europe that is in charge of organising the European Championships, Europa Cup and the EurILCA Master series for ILCA dinghy. The Association unites 42 European districts and coordinates the development of sailing in the ILCA Class.

On the side of the EurILCA (European Region of ILCA) we are giving our best to support to these sailors and have hosted them under our solidarity program and will support them financially as much as we can.

The money we are collecting will solely go to the ILCA Ukrainian team to support travelling, training and racing. EurILCA is collecting the money and will reverse it to the members of the team in coordination with Sofia Naumenko, ILCA 6 sailor.

To donate, see:

Thank you very much.

The 18 sailors from the Ukrainian ILCA team are:

1. Sofiia Naumenko (ILCA 6)

2. Devid Izmailovsky (ILCA 6/7)

3. Oskar Madonich (ILCA 7)

4. Andrii Verdysh (ILCA 6/7)

5. Danylo Raichuk (ILCA 6)

6. Ivan Zhukalin (ILCA 7)

7. Valeriy Kudryashov (ILCA 7)

8. Stanislav Mulko (ILCA 7)

9. Semen Khashchyna (ILCA 6)

10. Nazar Artiukh (ILCA 6)

11. Roman Akopov (ILCA 6)

12. Andrii Lipchenko (ILCA 6)

13. Yelyzaveta Vynohradova (ILCA 6)

14. Anna Dehasiuk (ILCA 6)

15. Ivan Pylypchii (ILCA 4)

16. Ivan Antipin (ILCA 4)

17. Varvara Postrelko (ILCA 4)

18.Denys Saidukov (ILCA 7)

EurILCA is an establish Sport Association in Geneva( Switzerland ) and the accounts of the EurILCA are audited every year by two auditors who report to the European annual general assembly who is voting the accounts.

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