Stage one of Wyndham Harbour Marina close to completion with installation of piles and pontoons in October

Wyndham Harbour Marina

The construction of the marina at Wyndham Harbour, a $440 million residential and marina development located in Werribee South, Victoria, is in full swing, with piles now in place and pontoons being installed this week.

Significant infrastructure works have been undertaken since construction commenced on the Marina in 2011.

The piles (large concrete poles that are driven into the ground below the waterline to support a dock) have already been installed by Bellingham Marine and the pontoons (a complex system of styrene rafts encased in concrete to float on the water) will be installed over the next six weeks, creating the Marina’s critical foundation. This will allow Wyndham Harbour Marina to become a floating marina that moves with the tide.

Wyndham Harbour Marina Manager Karen Wyatt says there are tangible benefits to this type of structure. “A floating marina uses far less piles than a fixed marina and allows for good water flow, creating a wonderful breeding ground for fish, and attracting marine animals and plant growth,” she said.

Breakwaters, dredging, land reclamation (to provide parking at the marina) and services infrastructure (including electricity, water, sewer and Wi-Fi) have been completed, with only the berth installation and services connection remaining to be completed. These works will facilitate a fully integrated marina, creating a safe harbour for recreational craft.

Until now, there has been no safe place between Geelong and Williamstown for boating enthusiasts to dock their boats when seeking protection from volatile weather conditions. Wyndham Harbour will provide this protection for Melbourne’s West.

Upon full completion, Wyndham Harbour Marina will be the largest marina in Victoria with 1000 wet berths, dry boat storage for more than 350 boats, state-of-the-art facilities and refuelling dock.

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