Simple cockpit table from salvaged stuff

In these crazy times of self-exclusion, maybe it is time to do some of those projects you have had planned. Over the coming weeks we will post up some useful DIY projects that have appeared in Cruising Helmsman.

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Like many cruisers, Brian Gilliland finds it difficult to walk past useful stuff in the marina rubbish bin.

After taking home a handy looking cable drum, he realised that he happened to have some offcuts of 50 millimetre PVC pipe and some scrap plywood stashed away from a previous project. Combining these might make a practical spot to put the sundowner drinks and nibbles in an otherwise bare cockpit.

Brian bought a large plant pot saucer for a couple of dollars, then cut a piece of ply and glued it to the saucer to make a stable base for a table. He then glued a socket to take the 50mm PVC pipe in the centre. After dismantling the cable drum, Brian used plywood offcuts to form a braced receiver for the pipe in one of the cable drum ends.

The whole thing was sanded and primed, then painted with some water-based enamel he had in the cupboard. Total cost was a few dollars and a bit of time.

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