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Catamaran agency and marina, Multihull Central will be holding its first 'Seabbatical summit' to help inspire, educate and provide experience to those who attend.

Two summits have been planned so far for Brisbane on the 18th and 19th of June and Sydney on the 13th and 14th of August.

A panel of five expert guest speakers will present to attendees a formula on how to re-energise careers and lives through an adventure at sea as part of the day-long conference. It will then be followed by sea trials of various boats the following day to round out a full weekend and start of an exciting life experience.

Bringing together a collective summary of advice, information and stories, the Seabbatical Summit explores how successful entrepreneurs and professionals have managed to escape the demands of high stress working environments to avoid burnout and instead provide a focused period of time out to progressively reenergize their careers and find the time to reconnect with loved ones.

The event’s instigator and master of ceremonies, Brent Vaughan of Multihull Central, explains further, “having sold hundreds of boats to successful people over two decades, I have witnessed how many of these people have made time in very demanding jobs and businesses to go cruising around the world and returned better people for the experience.

“Through dozens of interviews and research with these customers and other professionals for my book ‘SEAbbaticals’, it became obvious to me that there is a progress that can be followed to make this a reality, even if you have never owned  a boat before.

“But a Seabbatical is not just a holiday, it’s an adventure and a path to self discovery all at the same time, as it tests your character in pursuit of paradise without safety nets. As one of my customers says, it’s one of the last great adventures”.

“Sabbatical leave was originally designed to keep universities progressive in their thinking and now top companies around the world are adopting sabbaticals to retain and recruit top talent. We are just applying that same concept to those who share a love of the water, as we believe the best bits of the world you need a boat for.”

The process Brent mentions involves the '5 waypoints to paradise' which include:  1. Plan a suitable course; 2. Purchase a boat fit for purpose; 3. Profit from running your boat as a business; 4. Prepare your skills and family; 5. Prosper with a successful Seabbatical and exit plan for an efficient sale.

The speakers at the Seabbatical Summit will include Craig Margetts, a doctor who took twelve months out to circumnavigate Australia; Eric Sellix who crossed the South Pacific after running two restaurants; Brent Vaughan a charter boat business expert who has helped dozens of boat owners set up boats as businesses, Greg White who runs a catamaran sailing school while on his own Seabbatical, and Phil Day, one of Australia’s most experienced multihull brokers.

The first event will be held at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Or call Multihull Central on (02) 9810 5014.

JPK August 2023
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JPK August 2023