Ship on station to rescue Susie Goodall

Les Sables d'Olonne, France: The Hong Kong registered cargo ship MV Tian is now holding station within sight of the distressed British yachtswoman, Susie Goodall, 2,000 nautical miles west of Cape Horn – and the rescue operation will commence at first light in one hour's time.

Conditions have moderated and the seas have reduced to 3-4metre swells.

Goodall is in radio contact with the ship and plans are being finalised to lift her from the deck of her yacht DHL Starlight on one of the ship's deck cranes.

UK Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Falmouth advised Race HQ of the ship’s latest ETA at 11:00 UTC and this information was passed to Susie just 20 minutes before she had visual contact.

Susie is well rested, having had 12 hours in her bunk, and been able to keep some water down. It is about 1 hour from daylight.

Here is the latest GGR STREP
At 1115UTC Phone contact with Susie Goodall she confirmed the following.
1. Tian Fu arrived, lights sighted.
2. SART now turned on and about to make contact on VHF 16 with Master of Tian Fu
3. Sea state three quarter metres. First light appearing on horizon.
4. Susie now preparing for crane lift as suggested by GGR from deck of DHL Starlight, at the direction of Tian Fu Master.
5 DHL starlight engine test underway soon for 1 hour to confirm it is fully functional before Susie drops sea anchor and starts to manoeuvre.
6. If crane lift is approved by Master of Tian Fu, Susie will also have two bags on a 4 metre line with hook clip to connect to lift line.
7 Susie will be wearing a waist climbing harness for the lift, as well as the inflatable life jacket/safety harness.
8 Susie now waiting further advice from master of Tian Fu.

UPDATE: Susie Goodall rescued
Dateline 16:00 UTC 07.12.2018 – Les Sables d'Olonne, France

The crew of the Hong Kong registered cargo ship MV Tian Fu has successfully rescued the distressed British yachtswoman Susie Goodall 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn.

Susie sent the text: 07 Dec 15:14 UTC: ON THE SHIP!!! Position: 45' 10.711 S 121' 40.157 W

The ship is now bound for Modran, Argentina and expected to reach port on 22/23rd December.

We expect to speak to Susie Goodall shortly and will keep media informed.

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