Seen at the show: Rescue Me AIS personal alarm

AIS on navigation screens has changed the way yachts and other vessels navigate through dangerous shipping areas. Its features make AIS a perfect vehicle for search and rescue.

Now Rescue Me has taken advantage of these features and introduced the AIS alarm box. It is designed to ensure that the moment any AIS MOB or AIS SART signal is received an audible alarm is sounded, making everyone on the vessel aware of a possible MOB or a crew in need of rescue.

It also spreads this across the AIS network so all shipping will be notified of an alert.

A simple compact design and use of NMEA 0183 means that integrating the AIS Alarm Box into any AIS receiver and existing network is straight forward. The Ocean Signal AIS Alarm has the ability to be programmed by the user with up to 30 individual MMSI numbers, multiple tones to identify the source of the AIS signal (MOB or SART) as well as being waterproof to allow for external mounting.

Once a person activates the personal AIS it is only ten seconds until an alarm is sent to the home vessel and all other shipping. Also on DSC and VHF.

Check out the video here:

All Sat AIS Alarm Box

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