Seen at the show: Megapulse

Refresh your batteries – 5000 times a second!

Electrical systems in yachts are under increasing load stresses, subject to voltage losses forcing them to operate outside of design parameters leading to inefficiency.

A naturally degrading product by nature voltage losses are a direct result of the poor state of health of the battery caused by sulphation accumulation on battery plates. Australian company, Megapulse Technology, connects directly to your battery to increase the cycle 
and service life of all types of batteries (except lithium and nicad).

Eighty per cent of battery failures are due to sulphation, which is a dense insulating barrier forming on battery plates during normal battery operation, reducing the battery’s ability to accept and give off power. Ultimately it causes premature failure of batteries and key electrical system components. Unfortunately it does not end there, because sulphated batteries run hotter due to the high internal resistance, creating gassing and acid boil-off which are both corrosive, toxic and explosive.

Megapulse Green Energy reduces a battery’s internal resistance. 
The desulfation process rejuvenates batteries by reversing lead sulphate deposits from battery plates. It induces 5300 pulses per second into the battery, which targets crystallised lead sulphate, returning it to active duty where it can once again create energy.

Founded by Ross Naddei in 1995, Megapulse Green Energy has been tested and evaluated by leading institutions and companies including CSIRO, Unitech Energy, Volvo, Scania and Mercedes. In fact those three truck companies have installed over 150,000 Megapulses in truck fleets throughout Europe.

Check out director Ross Naddei explain how it works

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