Seen at the show: Eco Marine Bedding

Is there a better bed?
Austrian designed Flexima mattresses have been used in superyachts for quite a while now and appear to have the problem of keeping dry, sorted.

The interior of every mattress has an internal plastic interconnected spring. This keeps the mattress firm but also allows air to pass through the mattress to force out moisture.

Every time the sleeping body rolls around on the mattress it blows out and sucks in air through the open interior. The foam is closed cell so no moisture can lie dormant within.

Each mattress on a yacht is unique so Flexima provides templates on its website, along with video instruction for anyone to cut and shape their own mattress. The company then manufactures it and includes a mesh barrier along the bottom and sides of the mattress wherever it touches a condensating surface.

It requires no slatting to raise the mattress off the bed base; the covers are washable and it comes in differing degrees of hardness.

Eco Marine Bedding

Watch Cruising Helmsman editor Phil Ross discuss with Eco Marine Bedding director Karl about the mattress:

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