SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week goes chemical free with Musto Sunshield

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week has partnered with clothing brand Musto to ensure their committee members are protected from the elements while remaining chemical free. Musto has developed new technology just in time for Summer down under with UPF30 protection that is environmentally friendly and can’t wash out.

The Sunshield permanent wicking range of long-sleeve and short-sleeve polo shirts and t-shirts features UPF30 sun protection and permanent wicking innovation that lies within the thread itself. Unlike treatments applied to the garment, the UV and wicking qualities of fabric will not degrade with every wash.

Musto Senior Designer and Sustainability Officer Annaleigh Hockaday explains, “The 100% polyester fabric has a micro cross-knit structure that screens the UVA and UVB light to an effectiveness rating of at least 30. As this is done by composition and construction it will not degrade or wash out.

“The wicking properties are also due to this unique cross-knit construction as it encourages water pick up off the skin surface and transports it evenly to the face of the fabric, spreading it over a greater surface area, meaning it dries very quickly.”

Jodie Kennedy of SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week is excited to be partnering with a brand that is so focused on helping the environment. “As a sailing regatta we love the ocean and ensuring the long-term viability of the reefs and environment that affect the ocean are important to the organising committee of SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week,” said Kennedy.

“We are interested in keeping up with new technologies that help the environment and getting rid of chemicals used, not just in the final product but the making of the products. We applaud our exclusive race wear suppliers of Musto for taking this fantastic step in protecting our oceans.”

For more information on the SunSheild range and how Musto can help your team go chemical free please contact James Meggison

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