SailGP – Under the microscope

by Miranda Blazeby, SailGP Digital Editor

The fleet racing performances of SailGP’s nine strong F50 fleet throughout the 11-event calendar of Season 3 have been revealed thanks to SailGP Insights.

Looking at individual fleet race wins, season runner-up New Zealand netted the most wins throughout the season, picking up a total of 16. This was four more than season champions Australia, which recorded 12, and Phil Robertson’s Canada, which won 10 fleet races.

On the other end of the spectrum, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland all picked up just one fleet race win throughout the season.

It was also New Zealand that picked up the longest win streak of the season with seven back-to-back wins, while France recorded steady and consistent improvement after Copenhagen, even recording a four race win streak between Sydney and Christchurch.

Data provided by the F50 fleet also shows which teams were most dominant across different metrics – such as foiling percentage, shortest distance sailed and average leg speed throughout fleet racing.

New Zealand picked up the highest foiling percentage (the amount of time the F50 is foiling during a race), recording an average of 84.7%, followed by Canada (83.3%). Australia, Emirates GBR and the United States meanwhile all had an average foiling percentage of 82%. The team with the lowest meanwhile was Denmark, which recorded an average foiling percentage of 79.1% throughout fleet races.

Emirates GBR was the team that sailed the shortest distance throughout fleet racing – covering an average distance of 416,198m in an average race. By contrast, the boat that sailed the furthest distance was actually New Zealand with an average of 466,441m.

But the Kiwis picked up the fastest average leg speed of 53.4 km/h, just ahead of Australia’s 53.2 km/h and France’s 53.1 km/h. The slowest of the fleet was Switzerland, which had an average leg speed of 50.4 km/h.

When it came to starting, France had the quickest start with an average starting speed of 44 km/h – ahead of Canada’s 43.8 km/h and New Zealand’s 43.4 km/h.

When it came to positioning however, it was Emirates GBR that was positioned the closest to the line – an average of 20.8m at the gun. The boat positioned the furthest from the start line meanwhile was Spain, which was located a total of 45.6m away from the line at the gun.

Powered by Oracle, SailGP Insights is an online dashboard which provides fans with huge amounts of data from our cutting-edge racing F50 catamarans.

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