Recycling and re-purposing vessels on the Clarence

The Federal Government this week announced plans to support recycling programs and infrastructure in Australia.

Whilst much of the talk from the Federal Government is about dealing with food and packaging plastic, the Boating Industry Association Ltd (BIA) is advocating for programs to recycle and or repurpose ‘end of life’ vessels, especially vessels comprised of composite materials.

BIA is advocating to the Federal Government and State Governments in Qld and NSW on the subject of how to appropriately manage vessels that have reached the end of their purposeful life.

Recent discussions with Transport for NSW look set to lead to a collaborative approach with BIA while the association is supporting development of a potential trial recycling/ repurposing project in the Clarence, Northern NSW. The latter involves the State and Local Government and local industry, in a potential project that would also create a pathway for young people with skills and trade opportunities.

The BIA will also be introducing a Pledge in the coming months to phase out single-use plastics. This program will see BIA join up with MIA in this Pledge.

M.O.S.S Australia
JPK August 2023