Rebuilt Flying Roo on top after opening day in Bermuda

In a display of sheer dominance, Tom Slingsby’s Australia SailGP Team asserted their authority on the opening day of the Apex Group Bermuda Sail Grand Prix, bouncing back from a setback in the previous event to secure two race wins and a third-place finish. Amidst perfect foiling conditions on Bermuda’s Great Sound, the Aussies left their competitors trailing behind, firmly establishing themselves at the top of the event leaderboard.

US Team out of the event

The day kicked off with unexpected drama as Taylor Canfield’s US SailGP Team was forced to withdraw from the weekend’s racing following a dramatic capsize during practice. Despite the setback, the team maintained a united front, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and growing stronger as a unit.

Against the backdrop of Bermuda’s gusty winds, the newly appointed Race Stadium at Morgan’s Point provided spectators with a front-row seat to the thrilling spectacle unfolding on the water. Slingsby and his team wasted no time in asserting their dominance, executing flawless starts in all three races and leaving their rivals struggling to keep pace.

Reflecting on their stellar performance, Slingsby expressed satisfaction with their return to form, likening their performance to previous seasons where they were a force to be reckoned with on the water. The team’s seamless execution and strategic prowess propelled them to victory, leaving no room for doubt about their capabilities.

Spanish Team

Another standout moment came courtesy of Diego Botin and the Spain SailGP Team, who stunned spectators with a lightning-fast start in the third race of the day, securing a well-deserved win and ending the day on a high note.

Canadian Team

Phil Robertson’s Canada SailGP Team also showcased their competitive spirit, engaging in a fierce battle with the Australians throughout the racing. Despite facing stiff competition, the Canadians demonstrated their determination to challenge for the top spot, setting the stage for an exciting showdown in the races to come.

NZ Team

Meanwhile, Peter Burling’s New Zealand SailGP Team found themselves in an unfamiliar position in the middle of the fleet. Despite their previous success, the team faced challenges starting but remained determined to bounce back and reclaim their position at the top.

As the day unfolded, teams pushed the limits in a bid to make up for penalty points incurred in previous events. Nicolai Sehested and the ROCKWOOL Denmark SailGP Team adopted a conservative approach in the first two races before ramping up the competition in the final race, ensuring a strong finish and securing second place overall.

Looking ahead to the next day of racing, competitors remain focused on their goal of reaching the final in the Apex Group Bermuda Sail Grand Prix. With the leaderboard tightly contested, the stage is set for an intense battle on the Great Sound as teams vie for supremacy on the water.


1 // Australia 28 points

2 // Canada 23 points

3 // ROCKWOOL Denmark 22 points

4 // New Zealand 22 points

5 // Spain 19 points

6 // Emirates Great Britain 15 points

7 // Germany 13 points

8 // France 12 points

9 // Switzerland 8 points

10 // United States 0 points

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