Pro-Sailor Nick Moloney relaunches plastic-free sports supplement

Apsu, the company that engineered a unique multivitamin formula for athletes and active people, has announced that it is relaunching its product in new plastic-free packaging and with a revised formula.

The new formula still supports the same four core pillars of health as the original – recovery, flexibility, immunity and strength.

The combination of premium minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants has been carefully blended to create a non-overdosing formula for those who want to do what they love doing for longer.

Nick Moloney, director of Apsu and ex-professional sailor and multiple world record holder, explains what has changed.

“We have kept the formula largely the same because we know that it works. Our Apsu Superfood Multivitamin provides significant health benefits to  everyone, from weekend warriors to professional athletes. We have made the pills smaller. They are now are easier to take and the dosage levels can be more flexible and tailored to individual requirements.” 

There have been small changes to the formula in response to the growing number of people who are adopting vegetarian diets for health and fitness, lifestyle, environmental reasons or ethical decisions.  

Perhaps most significantly, the brand has also changed its packaging. The company signed the United Nations Environment Clean Seas pledge in October 2017 at the Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit.

The pledge commits businesses, governments and individuals to consider ways of reducing single-use plastics, many of which end up in our oceans. 

Moloney explains, “The more we understood about the impact of plastic on our health and the environment, the easier this decision became. The supplement industry is servicing its customers with single use plastic bottles, most of which end up in landfill or polluting the oceans. Recycling is only a small answer to a much bigger problem, and we simply felt ethically obligated to instigate change. We even reached a point in our research where we were so surprised about the potential harm that plastic can have on health, we ceased sales of our products prior to having a plastic-free solution. In doing so we ran a risk of losing existing customers but for us this was simply the right thing to do.”

The new packaging is 100% plastic-free. It is made of paper and is fully compostable and recyclable.

“It’s a revolutionary new type of paper specifically designed and certified for dry and moist food packaging. We will be expanding our plastic-free range of sports nutritional supplements and accessories, and we will be using this new packaging wherever we can.”

The company’s unique superfood formula is a secret weapon for many sailors, surfers, yoga lovers, cyclists and athletes of all kinds. 

“It’s what sets us apart. But our plastic free packaging solution is currently a market leader and there is a broader industry change coming quickly, which is a great thing for all.”

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