Owner's bad behaviour leads to change in cruising regulations for Langkawi

I confirmed the information below through a number of sources in Langkawi over the last weeks. Please add this for Langkawi check in and anchoring in Langkawi.

1: It is a requirement for yachts checking into Langkawi that they at least have third party insurance cover for their yachts. They need to show these papers on check in and check out.
2: The Harbour Department have enforced a no anchor policy in Kuah Harbour or behind the artificial islands outside Telaga Harbour, two locations only – but read items 3: 
3:The Harbour limits are defined by Jabatan Laut ( Malaysian Harbours Department) as the whole of Langkawi and its surrounding waters. This rule dates back to 2016 and is only now being implemented. Yachts can be asked by Jabatan Launt to move on from any anchorage. 
The above was partly brought about by the grounding of a large sailing vessel in Kuah Harbour and the owners abandoning it leaving the removal costs to the harbour department. Photos of that vessel attached – my photos during Langkawi Regatta this year in January.
The above information is being added to Noonsite and will be in South East Asia Pilot's website once its been redesigned
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