O’Pen BICs Selected for America’s Cup Community Sailing Project

The Endeavour Community Sailing Program has announced the selection of the O’Pen BIC dinghy for the new community effort to inspire Bermuda youths for sailing. The O’Pen BICs will also be used in their STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

“We’re very fortunate to have BIC Sport support the Endeavour program for youth sailing,” said Tom Herbert-Evans, who manages the program. “The O’pen BIC is a very fun boat to sail. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s exciting and that makes it an ideal platform to get kids hooked on the sport. If we can make their first experience on the water a thrill, they’ll keep coming back.”

Russell Coutts, a five-time winner of the America’s Cup, and the CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority agrees, calling the O’Pen BIC “a great junior boat”.

“The O’Pen BIC is obviously perfect for Community Sailing Programs for it’s durability and low cost, but most importantly, the kids love them and just want to sail more,” said Nevin Sayre of BIC Sport North America. “Based on the success of the O’Pen BIC Hi-Wind Slalom held in conjunction with the last America’s Cup in San Francisco, it’s a natural that we would support this, and it will be cool to see local Bermuda youth taking part in the 2017 O’Pen BIC event at the America’s Cup.”

Several dozen youth sailors have already experienced a first taste of the Endeavour Program in May during a test session for some of the new boats.

Jada Philips, from Somerset, had a chance to sail with ORACLE TEAM USA’s Andrew Campbell: “It was really fun. It was cool getting to know Andrew and learning about the sport. It’s really exciting to have the America’s Cup in Bermuda and I can’t wait to see it.”

The Endeavour program will operate from bases on the eastern and western ends of the island of Bermuda, beginning late in the summer.


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