Notice to Mariners – Mooloolah River Bar

Latest Mooloolaba Entrance Information

Department of Transport and Main Roads – Maritime Safety Queensland
NOTICE TO MARINERS 065 (T) of 2019
Issued by Brisbane Maritime Region on 13 February 2019
Area: Brisbane pilotage area
Locality: Mooloolah River Bar
Activity: Shoaling

Mariners are advised that a hydrographic survey of the Mooloolah River and its coastal bar on Wednesday 12 February 2019, shows a shoal patch extending from the end of the eastern breakwater in a westerly direction. The shoal has a least depth of approximately 2.3 metres at LAT on the entrance channel's centreline, as well as a least depth of approximately 1.6 metres at LAT on the channel's eastern edge. The depth on the channel's western edge is approximately 2.8 metres. The cutter suction dredge 'Navua' remains off station.

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