No wind, no racing at Laser Radial Youth Worlds

All fleets sailed out on the IJsselmeer in about 5 knots of breeze, hopeful for more to fill in. After the initial AP flag was taken down on Alpha Course, the yellow fleet attempted the first race in a bit more wind and light rain. With enough speed to sail off the start and upwind, the fleet managed to cover two thirds of the first beat before the wind shifted 40 degrees to the left and the race was abandoned. The wind continued to shift left 20 more degrees before dying completely.

The fleets waited on the water under AP on both courses, until all fleets were sent ashore around 14:00 where postponement continued. The Race Committee stayed afloat to watch the wind perform nearly a 360 at about 2 knots before cancelling for the day.

With no races completed, the leaderboard remains unchanged. Racing continues tomorrow with three more qualifying races scheduled.

Boys preliminary results after 4 races:

1. Guido Gallinaro ITA 3pts
2. Matias Dietrich ARG 7pts
3. Caelin Winchcombe AUS 7pts
4. Gregoire Peverelli SUI 8pts
5. Maor Ben Harosh ISR 8pts
6. Anastasios Panagiotidis GRE 9pts
7. Josh Armit NZL 11pts
8. Dimitris Papadimitriou GRE 12pts
9. Lorenzo Masetti ITA 14pts
10. Daniil Krutskikh RUS 14pts

Girls preliminary results after 4 races:

1. Julia Buesselberg GER 4pts
2. Lin Pletikos SLO 4pts
3. Matilda Nicholls GBR 7pts
4. Hannah Anderssohn 10pts
5. Dolores Moreira Fraschini URU 11pts
6. Laura Schewe GER 17pts
7. Justine Van Tongel BEL 17pts
8. Emma Savelon NED 19pts
9. Valeria Lomatchenko RUS 19pts
10. Laila Van Der Meer NED 20pts

Full results:

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