New tracking feature added as NEBO hits 180 countries

Mobile app NEBO has taken the marine world by storm with more than 10,000 skippers across 180 countries now using it to automatically log their voyages.

The app has also just upgraded its features to include a unique tracking function that allows friends and family or commercial companies to keep tabs on a Nebo user’s location at sea.

The new “Track Me” function provides invaluable peace of mind for those who want to check on the location and progress of loved ones at sea. A simple link shared by the Nebo app user delivers live details of the boat’s location, speed, and even current weather conditions.

Since its launch in 2017, Nebo has grown to become a leading electronic resource for private and commercial mariners.

Designed to automate the tedious and time-consuming task of logging sea voyages, Nebo sets itself apart from other apps by emailing detailed log reports to skippers each day that are invaluable for record keeping, insurance claims, communication and more.

Using Nebo’s customised GeoFencing technology, Nebo creates and records detailed electronic voyage logs as the vessel passes through defined geographical locations.

While the app provides obvious time-saving and enjoyment benefits to boaters, it also presents numerous advantages for others. Nebomakes it easier to lodge and assess insurance claims for incidents at sea, helps family and friends following the cruising adventures of loved ones, facilitates accurate expense distributions for syndicate management companies, allows companies to monitor yacht delivery progress, and assists charter companies and regatta organisers with daily tracking of their fleet.

Users’ voyage reports and images can be instantly shared with individuals, groups or the public on most social media platforms, including facebook, instagram, whatsapp and more.

A video summarising the new Track Me feature of the app is now available to view at

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