New launch: SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran

The exceptional SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran, launched on July 22, breaks the codes in terms of current technologies, and it is no exaggeration to say that she’s a machine from a whole other era.

For a great many years, the CDK Technologies yard has been working closely with MerConcept, the offshore racing stable founded by François Gabart, specialising in the management of sports projects, engineering and the construction of race boats. Once again then, it seemed only natural for the two structures to work hand in hand in the design of the SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran.

SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran being lifted
SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran is a result of the collaboration between CDK Technologies and MerConcept. © B-Philippe_CDK Technologies

“This boat is pretty revolutionary. She’s a very distinctive Ultim and it was necessary to adapt and come up with appropriate solutions for this very aggressive and highly innovative design”, explains Yann Dollo, Deputy General Manager of CDK Technologies. CDK Technologies has invested over three million euros in the past three years of developing its tools, notably acquiring new means of production such as a machine for cutting out pre-preg materials, a processing machine, as well as the only oven of its kind in Brittany (25x4m), to complement its three large-scale ovens.

This extraordinary cooking tool really sets the yard apart from the rest. “Today, we have at our disposal a comprehensive and fairly unique range of tools compared with other European yards currently in existence,” explains Dollo. Dollo’s team is able to make the most of its assets to offer innovative solutions to Gabart’s team with regards to the trimaran’s main elements, such as the floats, forward and aft beams and then the foils.

“With the arrival of foils and lifting surfaces on rudders, which are highly complex systems, the massive loads on the structures of the boats means it’s important to adapt. This calls for a completely new way of proportioning the floats on the one hand, then the beams on the other. Benefiting from the superior cooking quality of an autoclave when making these large parts is unquestionably a real bonus, which makes this boat all the more special,” says Dollo.

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