Medemblik Regatta organisers take aim at World Sailing

Monday March 4, 2018 – The Medemblik Regatta, formerly known as the Delta Lloyd Regatta, is being held from the 22nd to the 26th of May. The regatta celebrates it’s 34th edition this year. For all those years, sailors have praised the location for it’s sailing conditions and the regatta as a well organized event. Seeing the names on the registration list so far, the 34th edition will have some strong competition again.

The regatta used to be a World Cup event, but is now named a World Sailing Classic event by World Sailing, the international sailing federation. This means the regatta is kept in her legacy of one of the world’s biggest Olympic regatta’s over the past 34 years. The regatta is well-known for its innovations towards the Olympics. Wind wise the location is good for sailing and everyone coming to Medemblik knows they can expect great competition in tough conditions, and a well organized event.

Building on major Olympic Class events
World Sailing promises to build on such strong existing major Olympic Class International Events. This way they establish a stable and long term World Sailing global calendar. “This should be done by strengthening the cooperation with the Olympic classes, World Championships and Regional Championships,” said Kim Andersen, World Sailing President.

For the last two years they’ve failed in this promise towards the Medemblik Regatta. In 2017 the World Cup Santander was planned close to the event, this year the World Cup Marseille is scheduled just a week after the regatta in Medemblik. The World Cup is a big event for all sailors aiming for the Olympics 2020, so many sailors and coaches chose to go to the World Cup and skip Medemblik. Although the Medemblik Regatta is now a Classic Event, it doesn’t get the support that’s promised by World Sailing. 

Class organizations shared responsibility 
The sailing world benefits from a well organized calendar. And that’s not just World Sailing, it’s also the sailors, coaches and class organizations who are responsible for the calendar. This year the Medemblik Regatta clashes with the 470 European Championships, their championship is finished when the Medemblik Regatta is already into their second day. So no 470 sailors at the Medemblik Regatta this year. For many organizations like the Medemblik Regatta it doesn’t make it easier when a class decides to skip their regatta for a year, it has an impact. And the class organizations organizing those big championships, can’t just expect the regatta will still be there the next year.

The Medemblik Regatta has a strong history and the professional organization won’t just let the regatta disappear from the international calendar. For the Dutch sailors it’s a great opportunity to compete in their own country and invite family, friends and sponsors. The structure of the event for this year is already set and they’re already looking for next years event. Keeping the great courses on the water and a welcoming venue around the regatta center.

The Medemblik Regatta is held from the 22nd to the 26th of May 2018 at the Regatta Center Medemblik.
Online registration for the Regatta is open

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