Magnetic pole shifts, Deckman publishes software correction

In case you had not noticed, the north magnetic pole has been shifting lately. So much so that B&G have published an update to the Deckman world magnetic model.

You can check your Deckman magnetic variation at any time relating to your current position. This can be viewed by going to View – Options when the Nav screen is open.

But due to the changing location of the Earth’s magnetic North pole, a new world magnetic model has been released and it is advised that you install it.

To do this:
1 download the world magnetic model file from:
2 replace your current WMM.d file with the one you have just downloaded. This can be found in the Deckman Data folder normally found in: C:Program FilesBandGDeckman C-MapData

World Magnetic Model files are valid for five years from date of issue; this file is valid until 1st January 2020.

For further queries contact your B&G Deckman sales representative.

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