Lisa Blair Australian circumnavigation – warming up in Queensland waters

Lisa Blair is facing sleep deprivation and the dangers of coastal traffic as she attempts to become the first woman to circumnavigate Australia in a journay that is estimated to take six weeks. Here's her latest blog:

What a sweltering hot avo it is as I drift around in 2 knots of wind that seems to be blowing from all directions.  I was really hoping for some more wind out of that forecast Southerly last night but unfortunately the winds remained light although I was able to sail the rest of the way past the Gold Coast and Stradbroke Island but I really wanted to be able to put in some good miles. 

Instead since sunrise I have literally been drifting in a massive wind hole just waiting for the new winds to arrive and it is seriously hot in here.  I am going to take full advantage of the flat boat and get some jobs done around the deck and inside but every time I go on deck and look at that great sparkling blue sea I am tempted to dive on in.  The water simply looks so inviting.

I have been drifting for over five hours and have managed to strip down to a sports bra and boardies to try to keep cool and the deck is so hot that I can't go out without shoes on.  All of this is a huge difference from my Antarctica trip as I don’t think I was ever hot on that adventure.

As I float about 25nm off the Sunshine Coast I am surrounded by six container ships and two fishing vessels but they are still 3nm away from me so not an issue yet.  The winds are due to start filling in any minute now and then I can finally sail up past Fraser Island and North to the outside of the Great Barrier Reef.  The plan is to sail outside the reef as far as Rain Island and then cut inside the reef and around the top of Australia.  The main reason for this is so that I won't be in the shipping lanes and needing to keep a constant watch.  There will likely be traffic but nothing like what I am dealing with here so I will hopefully be able to get some of that much needed rest.

All in all though for five days of coastal sailing I feel like I am doing all right and things are positive on the boat and I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead.

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