Just Launched …… Motoryacht.com.au

The time has finally come for the announcement of the launch of our second site, motoryacht.com.au, a new media and news source for all things Motor Yacht. The site is now live and already attracting a lot of attention both across the web and amongst the motor yacht community.

A Riviera motor boat at anchor at sunset
On motoryacht.com.au, keep up to date with the latest news on brands like Riviera. Pic – Riviera

Created by the team behind the successful Australian and World Sailing News source, mysailing.com.au, the new site aims to diversify the promising reception received from the sailing community into the world of motoryachts.

The site provides interesting and carefully curated content bringing readers the latest from the motor yachting world. Whether that be new yacht releases, the latest in tech and gear, or lifestyle and events news, motoryacht.com.au aims to bring you a wide array of news content from all corners of the industry. 

With daily updates, just like mysailing, motoryacht.com.au combines news and stories from around the industry and presents them all in one place, where previously you would have to go to different places to discover.

We have strong relationships with motor yachting brands both in Australia and around the world, to give us inside knowledge of exciting news and insightful content. The site is also host to exclusive content from industry leaders in the motor yacht world, with exclusive interviews and pieces from individuals involved in every aspect of production.

Back deck of maritimo motor boat
Check out the latest in yacht concept design in both Europe and Australia on motoryacht.com.au . Pic – Maritimo

The latest from names such as Palm Beach, Maritimo, Sunseeker, Fleming and Riviera can all be found at motoryacht.com.au.

Take a quick trip over to Europe, home to a number of beautiful yachting destinations, and check out the latest from a plethora of European yards ahead of the Cannes Yachting Festival, before voyaging back to Australia to discover the latest in yacht concept design, quality Australian manufacturing and environmental yachting technology.

Aerial shot of sunseekr predator 74 XPS
Whether you want to find out more about the mechanics of motor boats, or you’re just up for a cruise – motoryacht.com.au caters for all. Pic – Sunseeker

Whether you are already an avid motor yacht enthusiast, or just looking to find out more about ways to have fun while at sea, MotorYacht.com.au is certainly worth checking out.

Click the link here to check out the site and indulge in Motor Yacht today.

Tom Baker, Editor

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