JPK Atomic Blonde wins IRC2 in Cape Naturaliste Race

Dr Simon Torvaldsen’s JPK 10.80 “Atomic Blonde” has scored another impressive IRC win in Division 2 of the long offshore Cape Naturaliste Race run by Ocean Racing Western Australia. This JPK also won the Winter Series and is proving to be the boat to beat in WA IRC racing.

Dr Simon said, “ It was a difficult race due to the ever fluctuating breeze and its direction from drifting conditions to 15 knots. However we were really happy that Atomic Blonde performed well in the varied light windward and reaching conditions.”

The race started on Friday night in 10 knots with varying directions from South through to East, with periods of really beautiful sailing during the night while the breeze held.

“After rounding Naturaliste and running up the coast we were working overtime in the light breeze with sail changes from S2 to the A 1.5.  By morning we were off Garden Island only 20nm from home in a very light NE. Our new North’s #1 and Code 0 worked a treat and proved our rig tuning worth the effort,” Dr Simon added.

“Unfortunately, as the Wind Gods decide, we got half way to the finish and the wind dropped out to under 4 knots.  With dozens of power boats roaring around at 20 knots it was like being in a washing machine.  The last 3nm took over 2 hours, we didn’t finish until 10.50am. Atomic Blonde was the first Div 2 boat to finish and we got the Div 2 IRC trophy.”

Full results.

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