Jon Sanders makes landfall in Australia after battling storms and equipment failure

22 October 2020- A global pandemic and some of the worst ocean conditions experienced in decades have not stopped world renowned Australian yachtsman Jon Sanders AO OBE from reaching home soil on his record 11th solo circumnavigation of the world.

The 81-year-old sailing legend docked in the Queensland town of Bundaberg this morning after battling three huge storm systems on the latest leg of his journey.

The veteran sailor stared down some of the worst conditions he had seen in decades, with winds exceeding 120km/hour battering his boat and causing damage to key navigation equipment.

The ferocity of the storms forced Sanders to sail with a bare mast, dragging a tyre as a sea-anchor, in an attempt to keep the boat facing into the wind and waves. Despite his heroic efforts, his vessel Perie Banou II took on so much water that the engine was flooded and couldn’t generate backup power or be used in an emergency.

As a result, Sanders completed his journey much like Captain James Cook – using only a paper chart and sextant for navigation.

Sanders has sailed more than 40,000km since leaving Fremantle almost a year ago on his journey to raise awareness of plastic pollution – one of the greatest health and environmental threats facing our planet.

Throughout the voyage Sanders has been collecting water samples for analysis by researchers at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. The results will build a more detailed picture of the plastic pollution across the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere.

Given Sanders has spent more than 30 days alone at sea since departing his last port of Tahiti, he has received a quarantine exemption from Queensland Health, subject to a COVID-19 test returning a negative result. He will be required to stay on board the Perie Banou II until the test results are returned.

Estimates suggest that plastic costs over US$2.2 trillion a year in environmental and social damage. This unacceptable cost to humanity led Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Minderoo Foundation to come on board as a supporter for Sanders' solo circumnavigation of the globe.

Minderoo Foundation has established the ‘Sea the Future” initiative to encourage every person across the plastics supply chain to leverage their ability to change the way the world uses and disposes of plastic.

“Jon’s remarkable voyage and his important water sampling supports our objective to promote the responsible use of safe plastics to governments, regulators and consumers,” Sea the Future COO Nakul Saran said.

“He continues to be an inspiration, overcoming major obstacles like the severe disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and now these major storms.

“We hope Jon can now rest and make repairs before continuing south along the east coast of Australia.

“Bundaberg has given him a warm welcome back to Australia, and we're all sending him on with warm wishes for smooth sailing on his journey back home to Perth where he will complete his circumnavigation.”

Minderoo Foundation has remained in regular contact with Sanders’ Perth-based support team, closely monitoring his progress and health.

You can learn about the #NoPlasticWaste campaign and follow Sanders' voyage tracker at

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