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SunSignals UV sensors

SunSignals are a new innovative, sun smart product designed to help take the guess work out of sun protection and prevent sunburn. SunSignals are UV sensors which are small, water-resistant patches that change colour to alert you when you have been exposed to a dangerous level of UV-B rays, making it a unique and useful product for summer.

H.M Bark Endeavour: Her Place In Australian History
By Ray Parkin

Ray Parkin's highly acclaimed and multi-award winning study of Captain James Cook's Bark Endeavour is now available in a paperback edition. H.M Bark Endeavour is a unique account of Endeavour's voyage up the east coast of New Holland (Australia) in 1770, and a remarkable re-creation of the experience of being on board ship.
Parkin draws on meticulous research to reveal what the Endeavour looked like, how she sailed and what daily life would have been like for those on board.
The novel also includes a series of plans and figures deRay Parkin (1910-2005) was an avid reader, gifted artist and a fine maritime painter. He spent 18 years in the Royal Australian Navy, including three years as a POW of the Japanese during World War II. After the war he wrote of his experiences in the books Out of the Smoke, Into the Smother and The Sword and the Blossom, all published to critical acclaim. He worked on the Melbourne waterfront until his retirement in 1975 when he went to London to continue his research into Endeavour. The Miegunyah Press, PB $45.


EziTrak MICRO is an Australian-designed and manufactured monitoring, protection and GPS tracking system, giving vehicle or vessel owners personalised and self-monitoring information. This early warning anti-theft device is interactive and has no monthly or annual monitoring fees.
Designed as a more compact unit, Ezitrak MICRO has low power consumption – in deep sleep mode it can be as low as one milliamp.
The EziTrak MICRO is half the size of previous models, measuring only 3.15″ (L) x 2.4″ (W) x 1.38″ (H). The outer casing has a low sheen black finish, which makes it even harder for thieves to locate, and the unit comes complete with an internal vibration sensor.
The internal phone module in the EziTrak MICRO is the latest available and is compatible with all phone networks, so EziTrak MICRO can be used with any GSM system in the world. It uses an interactive voice menu to operate the system (just like telephone banking).
The EziTrak MICRO has an internal black box recorder logging speed, position, time and date from 1-255 hours, as often as once per second. The EziTrak MICRO can now email the contents of the black box to an email address where the information can be downloaded and played back on a PC moving map display.

For more information: www.ezitrak.com

Nautical paint

Coatings manufacturer Akzo Nobel has launched the Nautical yacht coatings brand into the Australasian market. Nautical includes an enamel primer, undercoat and topcoat (white); epoxy primer undercoat and polyurethane topcoat (white); gloss varnish and thinners. Each product is available in 500ml, 1L and 4L sizes with the exception of the Polyurethane Topcoat which comes in 750ml, 1.5L and 6L kits and gloss varnish in 500ml, 1L and 2L.
The functional product names and system charts simplify the range, which makes painting your boat an easier process to undertake.

For more information, speak to your local chandlery or call Nautical on (07) 5573 9600.


The MT410 and MT410G AccuSat personal locator beacons are the latest release from GME and again use Australian technology. Available with or without an integrated GPS option, GME's new AccuSat models are the small and light. Both models offer a seven-year battery replacement life, a seven-year warranty, a high intensity LED strobe and a battery pack.
GME's MT410 AccuSat range is waterproof to IP67 standard, they float, and the housing is made from a tough UV stable polycarbonate material ensuring reliable operation in the harshest environments.

For more information: www.gme.net.au

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