It is time to head north with Cruising Helmsman May issue

It may be the merry merry month of May in the northern hemisphere but down here it is time to think about heading north to the warmer weather.

Cruising Helmsman is here to help.

We spoke to the six biggest marinas you can encounter in your journey north: from Sydney to Airlie. They provided us with detail on what each facility can offer and how to contact them.

Added to this is a series of practical articles on how to survive the cruise: living aboard, reducing power usage, why a clean hull is important and how to make the leak proof mast boot. Then we have destination articles to show where you can go when you get there: Capricorn coast and the Family group of islands.

For those who are still struggling to find the perfect yacht to buy then our A to Z insider's guide to important things no one tells you about boat buying, is here. Seven pages of unmissable advice from a writer who earns their money repairing badly built and maintained yachts!

We also take the Azuree 46 from Sirena Marine for a spin. You can't miss it, it is on the front cover. Check out what it is like inside.

Then we have harrowing stories of ligntning strikes, adventures in paradise and a new marina that cannot fit any boats!

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