It is a trailer sailer Christmas in December Cruising Helmsman

Christmas holiday season is one of happiness and generosity and while Cruising Helmsman December issue wants to make sure it remains so, it also wants to marinise it.

The editor has compiled his favourite items gathered during the year that he believes most yachties would find useful: from cameras to calendars and from alcohol to lanterns, there is something for all the family. Following on is a useful article on how to make, or get made, various personal boat-related items for your yacht.

As this is also trailer sailer month there are plenty of practical and destination articles for the small boat afficionado. Including how to design and build a short mast to get under low bridges, yet retain sailing ability and speed; plus visits to Kalbarri and Port Stephens.

While one Careel 18 owner tells why his boat suits him perfectly, another writes of his long search for the perfect TS.

Other destinations visited include Kalbarri, the Northern Territory and the recently opened up communist Cuba.

We also take the Hanse 455 for a spin and find it a most enjoyable ride. Well, who wouldn't?

Find out for yourself with the December issue of Cruising Helmsman, paper or digital.

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