ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 2014/15 amendments published

Amendments to the 2014-15 ISAF Offshore Special Regulations, effective 1 January 2015, have been published on the ISAF website.

An amendment sheet containing all the changes can be viewed at the following link – click here. It should be noted that national prescriptions may take priority over the ISAF text and you should check with your relevant authority.

A brief summary of significant changes:

3.14. Pulpits, Stanchions, Lifelines
Dyneema lifelines are no longer permitted for monohulls in Categories 0,1,2 and 3.

3.29 – Communications Equipment – Radar, AIS
3.29.1 p) Specifications for an alternative to a masthead AIS antennas have been made. (Category 0-2). A dedicated AIS antenna that is a minimum of 381mm mounted with its base at least 3m above water is accepted.

4.10 Radar Reflectors
The existing requirements have been amended, now specifying more performance details of any non-octahederal reflector.

4.20 Liferafts
The liferaft requirements have been simplified and also liferaft servicing clarified.

For a full report on the changes to the offshore special regulations see amendment sheet here.

ISAF Offshore Special Regulations

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