iQFOiL International Games in Cadiz

Sunday marked the final day of racing as we entered the medal series, a culmination of 3 elimination races where the top 10 contenders vied for the coveted medals. The top-ranked competitor automatically advanced to the grand final, securing a guaranteed top 3 finish. Despite formidable challenges posed by towering waves, strong winds, and heavy rain, the race committee successfully set a course in the Bay of Cadiz.

Conditions proved too extreme for the U17 boys & girls and the U19 women to compete, but races unfolded for the senior men and women, as well as the U19 men. Some races witnessed tightly contested battles among sailors, while others saw competitors spread out due to the challenging conditions, resulting in several crashes.

In the women’s medal series, Lina Erzen (SLO) showcased her prowess, navigating through the finals to clinch the top spot. In the men’s category, Nacho Baltasar Summers (ESP) maintained his composure, securing victory in the grand final, relegating yesterday’s winner Michal Polak (POL) to 3rd place.

The U19 men’s division witnessed a thrilling semi-final, with three out of four contenders racing neck-and-neck to the finish line. Two of them collided at the finish line, allowing Frenchman Tom Nicolle to emerge victorious. Nicolle continued his impressive performance to claim victory in the grand final, securing the event win.

In the divisions that did not race, Carola Colasanto emerged victorious in the U19 women’s category, while Maria Rudowicz (POL) and Gustaw Trybek (POL) secured wins in the U17 girls’ and boys’ events, respectively.

With the conclusion of the races, the winners were celebrated in a prize-giving ceremony, marking the end of the second stop of the iQGames series. Next up, the series moves to Lake Garda, Italy, promising another thrilling chapter in the world of iQFOiL racing.

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