IOC to make final decision on Tokyo 2020 in four weeks with postponement considered

Inside the Games. By Michael Pavitt

A final decision on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be reached in four weeks by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with postponement of the Games set to be assessed.

An IOC Executive Board meeting took place by teleconference today.

The four week window is expected to allow the IOC and Tokyo 2020 the chance to study different options regarding a postponement of the Games.

The IOC said the scenarios will involve either modifying existing operational plans, which would allow the go ahead on 24 July.

Changes to the start date of the Games will also be considered.

The time frame provided by the IOC follows mounting pressure from athletes and National Olympic Committees over the fate of the Games, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

IOC President Thomas Bach admitted for the first time earlier this week that alternative scenarios were being considered by the organisation.

A postponement has now been acknowledged openly for the first time.

The IOC repeated that cancellation of the Games “is not on the agenda.”

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